IHSAE Vendor Expo

Sunday, March 8th 2020
The Illinois High School Art Exhibition (IHSAE) vendor expo is a unique opportunity for vendors to showcase what’s new in the world of art supplies, materials and equipment directly to art educators and art students. Take advantage of direct access to the consumers who use your products. Each year, the IHSAE is visited by over 3,000 people including over 1000+ students and teachers from 100 of Illinois’ top high schools, not to mention countless art enthusiasts who visit our program each year.  

We welcome non-college/university/art-school businesses interested in supported art and art education to consider being a vendor at the big event. Colleges/universities/art-schools should instead register as a Sponsor here

IHSAE Vendor Details

Table Guidelines

Exhibitors must be a registered IHSAE vendor to participate in the Vendor Expo.

Table Options

All pricing is based on a 6-foot table. Vendors will have the option of:

  • 6-foot table

  • 8-foot table

  • 6-foot table (2x)

  • 6-foot and 8-foot table

  • 8-foot table (2x)

*Space is limited.

In-Kind Donations

The IHSAE strongly encourages vendors to contribute in-kind donations. Donations are used to recognize student participation and achievement in the areas of drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, time arts, photography and design.


Registration must be completed by February 1, 2020. Vendors will be assigned table space on a first come, first serve basis.


What benefits will vendors receive by participating with IHSAE?

On-site marketing access to:

  • 130 high schools

  • 1000 high school art students (and Parents)

  • 325 Art Educators

  • 40 art schools/colleges/universities

  • Local Chicago artists

Contact Lists for:

  • Art Educators

  • Art Students

On-site workshops/demonstrations:

  • Local high school art students

  • Local high school art teachers/Administrators

  • Participating art schools/colleges/universities Representatives and Professors