The IHSAE thanks our many sponsors for helping to advance art education for young people. We are pleased to partner with these organizations that share our commitment to expand and connect visual arts opportunities with students across Illinois.



The largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the U.S., catering to the full spectrum of artists. Blick believes that art education develops the human creativity necessary to solve the world's complex problems, enrich its culture and provide fulfillment for its inhabitants.


Illinois Arts Council Agency

The 2020 IHSAE organization and all of its events are partially supported by a gracious grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.

We thank them for their generosity.

Social Justice Award

Award: $500.00 & Attendance at a lecture or master class given by a member of the BCT staff.

Consciousness is the first step toward positive change. The Art of Influence: Breaking Criminal Traditions uses art to raise awareness of human rights issues worldwide. Our goal is to encourage dialogue on difficult topics, build community engagement, and use art to lead human rights law and support social justice. With this award we look to honor such art - more than this we want to inspire artists everywhere to create work that remakes the world.

The Bridgeport Art Center is the exclusive host and venue to the General and Senior Scholarship Exhibitions, and their related events, in 2020.

IHSAE is proud to support AICAD

AICAD – The Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design – is a membership organization of the 42 leading art and design colleges in the US and Canada.  AICAD's mission is to help strengthen the member colleges individually and collectively, and to inform the public about these colleges and on the value of studying art and design.

www.aicad.org is a free online resource to explore and connect with 42 leading art and design schools in the US and Canada.