Notification & awards

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School Liaisons will be notified via email of the specific artworks accepted for display in the General Exhibition. All selected artworks will need to be delivered per the IHSAE guidelines for exhibition on the drop-off day, or to the various high school drop-off locations. From here, all accepted artworks will be juried for IHSAE Awards, Early College/Summer Intensive Awards/Scholarships, IHSAE Visionary Award and any additional honors/awards available.

The IHSAE also utilizes Mailchimp to send out their emails and updates. If you are not receiving our emails, please check with your IT department regarding this service.

IHSAE Awards

General Exhibition Juried Awards: The IHSAE’s General Exhibition offers participating students a wide range of awards aimed at recognizing artistic excellence. The IHSAE will award in all 8 categories for Best in Show, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable mention, as well as IHSAE Visionary Award(s).

*Note: Teachers should only submit students for award consideration if students are able to attend the award ceremony. If a student is chosen for an award and is not present at the ceremony, that student will forfeit the award. The student, not a proxy, must accept the award.