Labeling & Drop-off

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Artwork Labeling

Artwork selected for exhibition must be hang-ready and labeled according to the IHSAE Guidelines or your school's artwork may not be displayed. Participating schools will receive a packet containing all IHSAE Guidelines, labels and your school's IHSAE number via direct mail. It is the responsibility of each school’s Liaison to oversee that all artwork meets the IHSAE guidelines for exhibition. The IHSAE has set expectations for its participants and it is essential that all labeling be uniform and consist.

Artwork Dropoff

Artwork accepted for the IHSAE’s General Exhibition should be delivered according to the IHSAE Guidelines. Participating schools have two options for artwork drop-off.

IHSAE Drop-Off Centers

Schools can utilize drop-off centers located at local participating high schools around the area. Contact the IHSAE Drop-off Coordinator at the selected school to arrange a delivery time.

As most of our teacher liaisons have yet to begin the 2018-19 school year, we are still working to determine this year's IHSAE drop-off locations. Please check back here and be looking for this info in future emails.