Curation Process

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The General Exhibition seeks to develop the highest quality, most diverse presentation of high school artwork. To meet those demands, the IHSAE has established the following submission guidelines to help schools meet our expectations and maximize artwork acceptance. The IHSAE will guarantee each participating high school:

  • (5) Two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional artworks and (1) Time Arts submission, totaling 6 artworks in all to represent each high school. However, schools must meet the submission criteria for that consideration. Schools must submit into at least 5 categories if they wish to have 5 works in the exhibition.

  • The IHSAE will not select multiple artworks for any school from any category. Only (1) artwork per category will be chosen, for a total of (5) Two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks.

For example, if your school only submitted into 3 categories; Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media, your school will only have 3 artworks from those categories selected to represent your school for exhibition. Again, the IHSAE will not select multiple artworks from any categories.