Artwork Pick-up

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IHSAE Teardown and Artwork Pickup

  • Artwork pickup from both Zhou B Art Center (1029 W 35th street) and Bridgeport Art Center (1200 W 35th street) on March 10, 2019. Additional dates and times for pickup may be established, be on the lookout for updates on this info.

  • ALL artwork MUST be picked up on March 10th. ANY artwork left past this date will be placed in the IHSAE storage locker and you will need to make specific arrangements to pick up the work. All work picked up past March 10th will be subject to a late fee accumulating per day, paid upon pickup.

IHSAE Drop-Off Centers

Schools who utilized the IHSAE drop-off centers MUST contact the coordinator at that school to ensure that they will be retrieving your work and to schedule a time for you to pick up from their school. DO NOT ASSUME THEY ARE PICKING UP YOUR WORK. DO NOT SHOW UP AT THEIR SCHOOL OUTSIDE OF THE SCHEDULED PICKUP TIME. 

As most of our teacher liaisons have yet to begin the 2018-19 school year, we are still working to determine this year's IHSAE drop-off locations. Please check back here and be looking for this info in future emails.