Senior Scholarship Exhibition Information


The Senior Scholarship Exhibition is one of Illinois largest and most influential student scholarship exhibitions. This truly unique exhibition serves two roles, both as a celebration of hard work-- a dedication to craft and artistic achievement, and as a means of providing talented young artists with opportunities to succeed in higher education and then as productive members of a thriving creative field. 

Each year, over 100 high schools from across the state register to participate in the IHSAE’s Senior Scholarship Exhibition. The show is currently held at the Bridgeport Art Center, located in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. 

The IHSAE receives over 250 senior portfolio submissions totaling over 6000 individual works for scholarship review. Once the review is completed our exhibition is selected on the basis of scholarship offer(s). Each year, many of our participating seniors are the recipients of multiple scholarship offers. However, those students awarded at least one scholarship are selected to be a part of this unique exhibition. 

In our three year history, over 50 million dollars in scholarship offers have been made to high school seniors. In addition to these scholarship awards, the Senior Scholarship Exhibition also includes special recognition and monetary awards in the following categories: Visionary Award, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention. Register today for your chance to participate in one of Illinois largest and most influential art shows and launch your creative future with the IHSAE. 

All scholarship recipients will be celebrated at the Sunday Ceremony and are required to attend.

For more info, please contact our Senior Scholarship Exhibition Coordinator, Matt Winkelman.