College Partner Sponsorship Levels

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Our premier sponsorship. We only offer 12. Your name featured everywhere, with exclusive access to students, teachers,  and schools.


Our most popular sponsorship. You are featured in IHSAE materials and contests. Access to all participants in both exhibitions.


Our introductory sponsorship. Participate in all IHSAE activities  and make meaningful connections with participants. 

Selecting a Sponsorship

Thank you for considering sponsorship of the Illinois High School Art Exhibition 2017. Our two main events include the General Exhibition and the Senior Scholarship Exhibition.

The General Exhibition will showcase over 500 artworks from more than 100 high schools in Illinois at the Zhou B Art Center.

The Senior Scholarship Exhibition will feature over 300 students’ artworks at the Bridgeport Art Center, honoring those students whose portfolios have earned them tuition scholarship offers from art schools, colleges, and universities throughout the nation. 

Additionally, the IHSAE hosts a College Fair alongside these exhibitions, giving your college or university the opportunity to connect with students and parents. All events take place in Chicago on Sunday February 26th, 2017. 

On behalf of all our participating students, we thank you for supporting IHSAE’s mission to celebrate students’ artistic achievement, promote mastery in learning and ingenuity, and facilitate post-secondary opportunities.