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Schools sponsoring any type of Early College Program or Summer Intensive type scholarship(s), please read the following information:

ECP/Summer Intensive Selection Date:

  • Sunday, February 26th before the show

The IHSAE has designated this time exclusively for our college sponsors to be in the gallery to make their ECP/Summer Intensive selections.

Selecting Artwork:

The IHSAE utilizes a “draft style” order to conduct student selections based on the level of sponsorship. This is done in an effort to provide a fair and level playing field for all participating art schools, colleges and universities. Selection order will be provided to each school on Saturday, February 25th. Please be advised, Admissions representatives will be responsible for making all student selections. 

In the event a representative cannot attend, please contact John Zilewicz at

Awards Presentation/Documentation:

The IHSAE will recognize all students selected for an Early College Program/Summer Intensives at the General Exhibition Awards Ceremony on Sunday, February 26, 2017. In an effort to promote your school to our guests, the IHSAE asks that each sponsoring school include the following items:

  • Certificate to award IHSAE student. 
    Document containing specific details/criteria for IHSAE students accepting the award. 
    Recognition tag to place next to IHSAE students artwork (no larger than 5”x7”)

General Exhibition:

Zhou B. Art Center
1029 W 35th St.
Chicago, IL

Senior Scholarship Exhibition: 

The Bridgeport Art Center
1200 W 35th Street
Chicago, IL, 60609